A fundamental shift in your experience of Life


 “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is”.    Erich Fromm

To un-cover your well being, live the life you want, and follow your innate potential.

  • Emotional state that limits you, to understand and overcome ?
  • Trying to deal with paralyzing anxiety ?
  • Limiting belief to transform ?
  • Feeling powerless ?
  • Feeling alone ?
  • Personally and professionally exhausted ?
  • Loss of self confidence, of self esteem ?
  • Dependency to conquer ?
  • Life assessment needed to move forward ?
  • Your life needs to be aimed in a new and more satisfying direction ?
  • Want to find your way back to health ?
  • Want to regain peace of mind amidst any circumstances ?
  • Need to learn how to face life with more hope and enthusiasm ?
  • And so much more…

Go beyond understanding and achieve a life of health, happiness, purpose and fulfillment. It’s your inherent right.

You already possess all that you need, waiting to be awakened.

My strength as a coach is to help you become aware of your emotional blockages and to free yourself from them. This internal shift triggers an incredible emotional release which will propel you towards new possibilities just as incredible.

My mission : Helping others to recognize and put to contribution their self worth.

Tanya Allaire, professional coach
Life coaching
Psychological counseling

Individual, couple and group coaching.
Conferences / Seminars